How To Make A Pendrive Bootable For Installing Windows 7, 8, 10 In Hindi

Hello EveryOne Welcome to the Channel Let’s repair it! So today we are going to see that how to make a pen drive bootabl

Hello EveryOne Welcome to the Channel Let’s repair it! So today we are going to see that how to make a pen drive bootable.

As you all know if we want to install windows in a pc.

so first we need to create pen drive as bootable, and then We have to put windows in it, and then we install windows.

So for this purpose first you must have a pen drive with atleast 8 GB capacity.

which is inserted in my pc already as you can see and then you go to the search icon and search here as cmd and run cmd as administrator For this you go to the icon and.

Click here run as administrator. As it runs, here is a warning(White screen in video) you need to click Yes(Give permission to access disk part).

Finally command prompt will open.

Here you need to give command :diskpart which show the number of disk on your pc. Sorry here I have inserted a space between disk and part.

You can see diskpart Here is the response from the system. Here we give another command as list. and it returns all the disk which is currently working in your system as you can see first (disk 0) which is my.

Hard disk and disk 1 your(my) external drive which I have inserted. Here we are going to make bootable our drive So we select disk 1 the command.

For this is: select disk 1 as you can see the.

Response disk 1 is now the selected disk. we are going to format it Remember all data has been formatted from the USB drive so create backup of you data Here the command used for format is : clean and this command format it. as you can see your disk has formatted. Here we are give another command create partition primary and Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition.

It is selected partition we only need to active it. give command: active format fs=ntfs quick. and then press Enter It will takes a little bit of time which depends upon the speed of your processor.

Bit as you can see 100% completed Congrats your pen. Give the command :exit for leaving. It will exited with response Leaving Diskpart. as the size of drive reduced some MB Last step Paste the windows setup into it.

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