#askthat Live With Chris Demars – Web Culture, Accessibility, And A Few Angle Brackets

Gentlemen welcome back to another ass that my name is Clark Cell I’m the guy who asked all the questions with me today C

Gentlemen welcome back to another ass that my name is Clark Cell I’m the guy who asked all the questions with me today Chris de Mars Chris how are you sir doing good brother now that I’m home from work how are you god bless you me too I’m doing uh although I am in my work so it’s kind of.

Like this all time so lucky Chicago to Detroit so you’re on the other side of the pond right yep poor Lake for those late either or tactical right yep.

In Detroit I love it yeah I’ve been there once yeah that’s it I’ve actually next week I’ll be driving past it on my way up to northern Michigan as I have to drive around the pond because well it takes to just go across the pond yes but it can’t be done I have done it with the kids we have done the.

To I forget to name it at town Muskegon yes yes it’s a nice it’s a nice little deal one time yeah yeah I was thinking about that when I come over for that conference I was either gonna take.

The ferry over or I was gonna drive over or a buddy of mine he was gonna he was gonna come up cuz he’s good he’s gonna be it at that too and he was gonna pick me.

Up we’re gonna go all the way up through.

The U P and then come down yes that we’re still deciding whether next week we go up and back down to I have not been through to you P and I’ve been I’ve been.

It’s been on my list to see boys after work I’m forgetting all these names the hell’s the island up there Oh pictured rocks or turnip turnip Iowa oh no keep on this gracious take the bridge across Oh Mehcad Oh Mike Maginot yeah go to Mackinac and kind of see what’s around there and all that good stuff so we’re about an hour and a half sell for that but this is not what the people are looking to see right now they care about my travel trips around the pond.

Before we go let’s uh let’s quick introduction wants to tell everybody who you are and what you’re about so.

Um like you said my name is Chris tomorrow hours I’m a senior UI developer I work for a company called United Shore recently we just moved so we’re in Pontiac right now which is probably about 35 40 minutes north of Detroit we’re the number one wholesale mortgage lending company United States and I worked there on a team of around 12 for the UI team we support close to almost 200 back-end developers so.

Technology really fuels the company yeah we support all the backend devs we build out front end systems architect front end systems accessibility performance we have our own UI team initiatives that we we do every you know every few weeks or every month every quarter so it’s fun and I get to speak at conferences around the country so let’s say see you’re in a little bit of everything and I asked you earlier what’s the thing.

That keeps you up at night and you said the web I’m like well people around it and.

Accessibility and where things are going so I found that as an interesting answer as the the people around it and and where it’s going where do you think the web is going oh.

It’s mean it’s it’s such a robust thing right and you know you have you have all this JavaScript that’s kind of like blue no lab but then you also have the rest of the front-end stack that’s kind of like being left behind and I want to see it come back together the way it was you know originally I really want to see that and you know the future of the web.

Not the future of JavaScript right because the web is bigger and.

Then just JavaScript you know I’m a little bias yeah I mean to see where it’s gonna go to see where it’s gonna end up cuz I mean it’s already in no vehicles and wearables just recently probably a few weeks ago I found out that you know Microsoft they created an accessible controller or game commercial disabilities so they.

Can hook it up to like click pads and vice and keyboard and stuff like that so they can use an experience these the.

Games that they want to play using an accessible controller I thought that was just mind-blowing it’s like I use that in.

My accessibility talks when I give those like that’s huge that’s for the web going and.

There’s more focus around accessibility there’s more visibility around it and it’s great to see stuff like that what do you mean like the can we dive in at what do you mean the web is going I mean isn’t the web like it’s not inherently taking us there what what is it about the web that’s that’s.

Fueling that is it the fact that it’s just on every single desktop every phone everything is it the reach that it has or is there something inherently new about it I think it’s both I mean there’s.

A lot of new stuff to write like if you like for me personally the the future of the front end the future of layout I believe is you know grid flexbox CSS variables so you really won’t have to use preprocessors anymore.

Bootstrap at the foundation you don’t have to use anymore but as far as like the reach like it’s gaining a lot more reach than them years past and it’s everywhere you know like I said wearables you know desktops phones in your vehicles like billboards right you got.

A lot of digital billboards out there now I mean it’s everywhere and it’s it’s all encompassing and we’re not gonna get away from it we need to be embracing it and.

Just keep moving forward and keep pushing the limit of what the web Stauffer.

Yeah I mean I agree like it’s it’s this you know part of the reason it is everywhere is because there is a set of standards around it and yet makes.

Gives this common language for everybody to speak and that you can interpret that a few different ways whether it’s the code or just you know the computers and the browsers that have simplified it but it’s certainly as somebody who’s been doing web development since since the other century it’s it’s cool to see where it’s coming but I know I feel.

Like it’s I feel like I say that every year and and yet I don’t feel like we’ve moved at all meaning yeah everything’s gotten better and then we get to next year and we’re like yeah we know more we still a long way to go can’t wait together and you get there next year you’re like yeah we can’t wait till I get there.

Again yeah I think it’s always gonna be that like so like I started in 1996 building web pages and all we had was HTML right JavaScript was starting to come around CSS was starting to come around but like.

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