#askthat Live With Chris Demars – Web Culture, Accessibility, And A Few Angle Brackets

Gentlemen welcome back to another ass that my name is Clark Cell I’m the guy who asked all the questions with me today C

Moving forward and we’re gonna say that next year because it’s always gonna constantly keeping you know keep moving or we’re never be able to we’ll never be able to catch up so.

That one more percent of change and that’s one more percent of change right and it’s just gonna it’s gonna constantly evolve until we don’t have computers anymore and it’s just gonna be like we’ll grab something out of thin air and open.

It up and just do we got to do so are you trying to imply that we’re somehow gonna be running v8 in our head and that’s how it’s gonna work you know render and render node scripts on the fly I believe that’s probably gonna happen if you’re familiar with.

BCI so I have a podcast and it’s called hills from the script okay and I interviewed Alex Castillo who was at the time he was at Netflix he was doing a lot of amazing stuff with brain computer interface interface boards and JavaScript and neuro technology and he was someone how you can read brain waves and you can like make art.

Out of that and you can read like EEG s and EKGs and I watched he did he took a video one day he comes on Twitter he was controlling a drone with just his brain and a BCI board and a headset that’s it like if you can do stuff like that there’s no.

What is it store for the web.

Yeah that’s it’s impressive because like some of my JavaScript I would that’s the way I was flying my girona crash it off the ground if it’s so move move it yeah yeah what’s the function what’s the method I don’t is yeah I don’t know what it is I’m a JavaScript.

Engineer so I would fail terribly at that sure what what would have been some of the things that you I’m gonna start on the negative side what are some of the.

Things that you just hate the most about the where were you or you see that there needs to be the.

Biggest improvement the emphasis on JavaScript and hell it’s the end-all be-all that’s that’s a problem and.

There’s a there’s a big problem with developers like myself who don’t write JavaScript every day or maybe have written less and 50 lines or holds their life who are looked at as second-class developers and we’re really devalued in the industry and I talk a lot I talk about this a lot in my one of my CSS talks and it’s been brought up there’s.

A handful of people in the industry that are like me and have brought this up as a topic whether it’s like on podcasts or I have written about it or have spoken about it at conferences that needs to change because HTML and CSS and everything else that’s part of the front-end stack is very important and crucial to making them what it is and I think that’s probably what I hate the most and the biggest issue I have but that’s reasons why friends of mine can’t get new jobs in the industries because they can do amazing.

Things on the front end but they can’t build something and react well if you can’t get build into react we don’t need you that’s kind of stop in the.

Same with me like I I haven’t gotten jobs before because I’m not I’m not a JavaScript engineer but I excel so much on the other stuff certain that I.

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