#askthat Live With Chris Demars – Web Culture, Accessibility, And A Few Angle Brackets

Gentlemen welcome back to another ass that my name is Clark Cell I’m the guy who asked all the questions with me today C

I do tons of community stuff and I speak at conferences when right at the web it seems like number that something matters anymore and passion doesn’t get you a job anymore it’s whether or not you can build something react and in JavaScript and and I think that needs to stop and I think it’s I think it’s coming.

To a halt but we still need a lot of people to to speak up especially like the JavaScript engineers who who can’t write HTML CSS they need to speak up some be a voice for us and I have.

Like friends uber and Microsoft MVPs or C sharp devs were like we would kill to have somebody like you on our team that can build out that front end we can handle the JavaScript.

In the typescript in the c-sharp but we need something that can build out like a design system and h-hell the markup and the styles and accessibility and care about that stuff it just seems.

Like it’s not cared about anymore we need to change.

That so you’re really describing more of a people person not necessarily a language problem and so I’ll pause there for a second which would you say that’s true I mean introducing new languages a new star script language or whatever that certainly doesn’t it doesn’t fix a.

Problem it just kind of creates more shining balls and these shiny ball plays so so we’re really talking about people and culture yeah I would say it’s probably people in culture oh it’s more or less I think it’s hiring and the mindset that companies have and then I guess you could relate that back to people but just the whole JavaScript being the end-all be-all to.

The front-end that that means needs to stop because the web is for a minute the web start taking a turn for the worst in my opinion and like I said I think it’s starting to come back now a little bit with more people voicing you know.

Speaking up saying that you know HTML CSS is a very valued skill and this is.

Something you should have and don’t you know nobody should devalue somebody because they’re not a JavaScript engineer yeah do you think I mean you said you started doing this stuff in 1996 and.

I started around 98 97 98 and I think through this time through this the past 20 years we’ve seen companies kind of value and devalue.

Certain technologies and stacks and things in that nature I feel like we’re at a time.

Right now where I’ll say big Co it things are commoditized and some of that is the worldly play that we live in and rates across the pond and whatnot not pond like Michigan but.

Actual ocean water not to demise anybody you know but you know globally rates are substantially different across countries and cultures and whatnot and so and because we play in this international landscape it’s easy to get somebody from yet a different country at a.

Different rate that may work your can monetize thing and I often feel like are the.

Companies have have set this and if weird artificial barrier of like get.

Done to your point this becomes this emphasis on like what you can do and not necessarily how it’s done or where it relates to the other stuff partly because people just want stuff done yesterday and he saw the stupid hello world demo and.

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