#askthat Live With Chris Demars – Web Culture, Accessibility, And A Few Angle Brackets

Gentlemen welcome back to another ass that my name is Clark Cell I’m the guy who asked all the questions with me today C

And so we we get out of the habit of thinking of accessibility we get out of the habit of thinking about good error handling or why we even building.

Something in the first place if we’re just replacing the same pixels we had before like you know what’s what’s the point if we’re not actually helping the users we teeth do you think a lot.

Of that took contributor to that because that’s it’s a that’s a big that’s a big issue all right web thing I think it I.

Don’t think that kind of across the board yeah well I see that as being a problem to it not even like speaking like outside of another country like in the US or even in Canada or whatever the case may be because it could be the same way.

In another country with the people you know looking for people outside of their country sure there.

Is that mentality of get done and whether it’s done right or wrong we don’t we don’t care just get it done and that’s a problem because it’s got to be done right right we are all I like to use the term craftspeople this is these are.

Our passions these are things we care about and know.

Granted you do they have that nine-to-five Deb who just goes to work and doesn’t do anything outside of that and don’t want to learn that’s fine and dandy that’s great but there needs to be some type of quality associated with the code.

You’re writing so and I that probably does go that and that probably goes back to like people and hiring and recruiter is not knowing exactly what to look for they’re just reading off a sheet that’s in front of them yeah right not caring about the quality of the code is like if you can do it and get it done great.

But as far as quality now we don’t really care just didn’t ship it right yeah and quality for me is kind of twofold it’s not just you.

Know did you or thing have errors but is it doing what you said you were going to do well and that’s a much bigger thing that even as somebody who’s played architect for a.

Long time you know even that emphasis on kind of designing a system and making sure that it works in in the culture of which it lives in in whether that’s people or other systems whatever even that’s you know kind of de-emphasize quite a bit of you know just get the thing done and it’s all mixed up it’s all screwed up.

The web is all screwed up and will ever always be screwed up it’s never happened screwed up so yeah I and but to be fair I don’t think it’s just the web I think it’s nobody kind of in the in the tech stack and unfortunately in any industry I don’t I don’t.

Feel like you know old manufacturing screwed up but health care too man they got that fix cuz right if somebody who has run some healthcare projects I’ll tell you there may be a little help I believe that there so alright so that was kind of on the bad side of things or you know what could be most improved what do you then feel you know swinging 180 other way what some of the most exciting awesome things that you think it’s there oh definitely the.

The improvements are the new things like coming out with CSS I think that’s really really big I mean flexbox and grid they’re not really new but with the and like with grid and flexbox started to be more supported across browsers it’s changing the way we do layout yeah and you don’t need bootstrap anymore you don’t need foundation anymore because even with.

Bootstrap foundation you weren’t able to do the layouts that you can do now with grid I think that’s an amazing thing we can.

Be very creative on the web we can add a sense of artistry to what we’re doing now you can create we.

Can create flyer and magazine style layouts with these types of you know specifications I think that’s huge.

And that’s something we can all you know celebrate as a as a a group of people working on the web I think it’s.

And I can only see it going up from there and then accessibility like accessibility is gaining a lot more visibility and it’s great to see people giving a about accessibility and wanting to hear people speak about accessibility and learn ways to.

Make their experience as accessible I think that’s huge – and that’s that’s a good thing for the web and people and just in general the industry so for those yeah I totally agree in the layout stuff like it’s fantastic you know when you look at something you go yeah that should have.

Been done like 20 years ago it.

Just totally makes sense thanks for now introducing it is always well received because it’s super nice accessibility you know let’s talk about that for a bit because I don’t think everybody you know let’s let’s take two people who are maybe in a.

Small shop or they’re only a couple couple persons you know trying to sling this and they’re there under their grind other gotta put down their throat what what does that really mean like where does one get started in that if they don’t have any exposure to trying to be.

More accessible for yeah for people so accessibility and.

More specifically web accessibility really just means that everybody can use the web not just people with disabilities everybody can use the web I mean easy ways to get started like I like to call them easy wins like Samantha.

When you’re writing semantic markup by default it’s already accessible you can tap through it you can ounce by screen readers.

As to what it is another easy win is just always remembering alt attributes on your images you always have you should always have all the attributes and I learned that yield years and years and years and years ago and I got started as long as you have descriptive text in that alt attribute even if you don’t even have an image it’s still there and it can be an ounce price screenreader so that’s like another easy one or adding certain types of Aria labels with Aria stands for accessible rich internet applications if you add re.

Labels to like icons or X isms or like the corner of a modal that’s a closed or like Twitter Facebook that will when.

The screen reader gets to those and you focus to those the screen reader will announce Twitter or if you’re in a modal it’ll no Exeter close and.

That way you know you can interact with that element take it out of that or or trigger some types of behavior those are some easy wins um there’s a lot of tools out there to to audit and test to see if you are accessible if your experiences are.

Accessible or not like stuff I use it at work and use at home I feature and a lot of my accessibility talk what are what are some sites that do it really well um so I don’t want.

Be a shameless plug but we just recently a couple months ago released a website called find a mortgage broker calm um and I worked on 99% of the accessibility on that and when.

We launched I was running audits and lighthouse just to check up on it and we were getting scores of 100 out of 100 in lighthouse and that was huge because that was the first application that we released as.

A company to the outside world that was accessible and a huge win super proud of it so that’s a good one I know that Virgin America Airlines I think theirs is really good now after Marcie kind of called them out Marcy Sutton she’s a senior excessive or senior engineer.

For DQ DQ makes a lot of the accessibility products in the industry she actually demoed one of their their website I think at Jas Compaq Uppal years ago and since then like Virgin Atlantic or Virgin American they fix their stuff so that’s a really good one let’s see what else there’s a couple I think whitehouse.gov is a good one but they have a certain level of accessibility they have to hit because that’s another yeah so that’s.

A good one I’m sure there’s a hand more and more out.

There so you made a you said some meat right enlightening you said he is you know make it accessible for everyone you know not just people with disabilities what does it mean.

Outside of the browser I mean the web the web now is kind of everywhere so what does accessibility look like you know I don’t know an Alexa like experience or something something non non browser.

That’s a good question um I don’t know I have to look into it I’m sure that you would you would try and let me know.

If they have a spec behind anything like that like like voice voice interactions I don’t think there’s a spec for since it’s already announcing what’s going on oh yeah that’s that’s something cool to look into I have to check that out reach out to a few people and you’ve mentioned the automotive space which is just right for the picking and you have you done much.

Mess much around in the automotive space with the Eclipse though I have not but you you always hear the the claim that.

You know all this person’s blind will never buy a car and that’s.

Like complete right because they might have a driver right so they were gonna want to buy a car or their they might have like a caretaker or one of their kids you never know like but they’re gonna want to have a vehicle that’s some point and if.

That experience like say you’re in desh units mostly I’m pretty sure most you’re in – is it can read out loud to you of what’s going on so.

But I’m sure there’s there’s extra things that you can buy or extra you know extensions and stuff like that for.

Your disability or whatever use case that maybe yeah yeah how is.

It you know it’s since you were so involved.

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