#askthat Live With Chris Demars – Web Culture, Accessibility, And A Few Angle Brackets

Gentlemen welcome back to another ass that my name is Clark Cell I’m the guy who asked all the questions with me today C

Say id8 on your design and what worked well I mean there’s somebody who’s done a lot of design work from a the visual.

Aspect from an accessibility aspect what does the design process look like.

So the specific the specific stuff that we’re releasing out to our customers actually comes from our marketing design team so I don’t really have a hand in designing of experiences but when they do come down you know I’ll look at colors and I’ll.

Look at what the way things are laid out because accessibility starts with design and I look at things and we’ll.

Start components and I’ll start running on Tonto and if certain things don’t work certain colors don’t work I go back to the business and today hey listen a color a B and C doesn’t work and sometimes we’ll have to sit together with.

The marketing team the marketing design team and there’s tweak those tweak those colors a little bit or.

Tweet fonts to make them you know the sizes to fit right depending on the level of accessibility we’re trying to hit so I mean it’s really a collaborative process because we have to work with.

The marketing design team sure do you find do you find you get much user feedback in the accessibility space not so much the most user feedback I would get would be grabbing people that on the floor who are experiencing you know or have some type of disability like.

Work with developers who are colorblind I work with a developer who’s deaf in one ear QA that’s colorblind business analyst how I blame I’ll get there you know your opinion on it right like.

Hey can you read this and how do these.

Colors look and can you can you visually see what’s going on in this this part of the experience or does this widget make sense as far as like language and I’ll usually get their feedback but as far as like outside feedback I probably I probably.

The one to see it unfortunately so yeah I mean not everybody has that I can I want I hate these or resources but has that ability to you know go to.

Somebody and ask yeah something we should certainly share are there actually I know I mean I know their specs are on doing accessibility are there guidelines around kind of if you think of like.

The material design is there an accessibility material design if you will so those the material design would probably just focus on meeting the web content accessibility guidelines 2.1 and that’s kind of like for everything university exactly like the regardless if you have an.

Input in the input is in boots a foundational material it still has to follow what the dump the XO’s yeah i was kind of a bad example it was more of.

The there is there a industry best kind of guidelines for accessibility like like we have these material design it says you know do this and their design but yeah universally it’s it’s all the same but then you can also have your own like best practices for the application or your team or your organization yeah yeah all right so when.

You’re coming at the end of our time and at.

The end of every one of these there’s a few things that happen one I like to extend a bit of gratitude to the other individual and.

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