#askthat Live With Chris Demars – Web Culture, Accessibility, And A Few Angle Brackets

Gentlemen welcome back to another ass that my name is Clark Cell I’m the guy who asked all the questions with me today C

You and I have been trying to have.

This conversation never I don’t know seems like two months I mean we’ve.

Had scheduling snafus and travel and vacations and whatever I don’t know.

Why I said vacation I am going on vacation of years but.

I want to I just I want to thank you not just for being here not for just speaking at that conference this year but for kind of being out there and present with everybody and.

Being more involved and you know just the day-to-day so with that being said thank you thank you for that I’m looking forward to to seeing you out over here in a few I’m not which brings me to our last question is something that I’ve asked everybody how how do you Chris define how would you define community and what does it mean to you.

Well that’s a good question because I’m so involved I defined community as a group of people coming together to a learn be foster that learning.

And relationships and see probably just making whatever it is that you’re coming together for making it better and spreading the word on whatever it that is what was the second question what is it what does it mean to you that’s what it means to me it means it means being out there talking about all the amazing things that you can do in that industry ours being web and software bringing people together for.

Sharing that knowledge and pushing people to want to.

Do better and pushing people to be the best that they can be and I.

Have to you know I have to give a shout out to a lot of people out there who have pushed me you know they’re a handful of them I speak with that conferences all the time and they pushed me to do my best and push me to to write and keep recording podcasts and and speak at conferences.

Like that’s what community is to have a strong backbone for you when you’re not strong enough to do the things that you should be doing that’s what community is to me I love it I also love how you started that with putting it in an ordered list just hey that’s.

What I’m saying like you know yeah you’re the first person who’s giving it an a B and C like very like hey I’m an organized fellow I could tell I get well listen uh thank you for the time today everybody who is watching will drop some links in the description below leave us a.

Comment tell us uh hi give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you next time Chris peace.

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