Social Media Full Of Racist And Bigot People.

Okay uh I’m gonna say is here social media let’s split up nasty sick messed-up mile this little disgusting bomb feeding

Okay uh I’m gonna say is here social media let’s split up nasty sick messed-up mile this little disgusting bomb feeding just fucked up racist and bigoted people this makes me sick I’m a nigga music they can get away with stuff you know they just they think is mega type on the keyboard and maybe they can call people wherever.

They want you know not not I haven’t.

And repercussion so they can get away with it you know how people just type.

Because they call people the n-word or they come the gay slur you know I think it is Haiti with a little different and I think that and I want to go over there and punch the fuck the crap out of them you know we’re saying six stuff to people because they don’t like how they look or what the color is.

Or sexual preference I can’t stand bigoted people I can’t stand racist people you know they.

Need to be need to be banned from having a social media account where was it Facebook or Twitter or.

Snapchat me it’s just Sam disgusting maybe don’t people need to be put in their place you know I need to get the kid their ass whipped you know I thought it’s messed up.

People just maybe they can get away with it they they can call people were they one you know you know we need it.

Stop stop these kind of people you know you know.

Evan Bay you know it I don’t care they make another account that you know they need to be shut down because as if people just just getting harassed and name called.

Because uh negative people or racist people just love to hate for no apparent reason make themselves feel.

Fucking good me no that’s messed up that’s fucked up sorry I feel that way but you know we got to stop this you know I’m tired see any good people can be on social media doesn’t think they’re afraid to get on it social media channels they get bullied they get call a name and you you know get harassed because there’s a bigger people that they they can get away with way with it that’s got to stop that’s kind of damp stop I said nobody deserves to get a tree like that you know they don’t they.

And these people who doing heard it good is it people no feel like I feel like they get a slap on the fucking wrist and they need to be punished for hurtin people.

They think it’s many people depressed and sad you know not little ones I said this is love the bully people to me I thought I can’t stand.

Just people to say nasty racist stuff that people or people call a gay slur oh they call Oh Europe they have word it I think pretty much no I did you know that works but you.

Know I mean or me or the fuck whereas they call people a well filed mainly called the n-word her you know about black people they talk about Asian peoples of oh man marrying.

People even even Caucasian people you know they had because they get their social media account they they can get where they can do wherever they want things everything is okay all nobody’s got an apple I hope though these like say Facebook or Twitter Instagram shut these people down no one deserves to get harassed oh because they don’t like oh they’re because they’re their different race or different religion or a different or a.

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