Complete Guide To The Ultimate Smart Home : Demo | Amazing Quality 2018

Hey guys met here from MK smart house calm and in this video I’ll be showing you what my channel is all about welcome to

Then the fire sensor will send a notification in the media center over here we have a power strip which I can individually control the different devices such as the TV sound system and xbox360 also I can control the LED strip.

And choose any color as we keep moving to the.

Right we can see the blinds which as you know are controllable so currently.

It has three functions open closed and half.

Then finally we have the desk which also like the Media Center has a power strip and each component can be individually controlled the monitors macbook charger and the accessories so.

That’s it that is my smart home slash smart room but.

Those are not all the devices there are some that I did not show and there are ones that I’m also currently working on if you are interested.

In making or learning how to make these devices or even if you just like smart home tech then subscribe because there.

Are plenty of videos coming speaking of if you guys want to see the next video faster.

And then it is scheduled then help get this video to 100 likes also go to MK smart house comm and on the home page vote for which device you would like to have a guide for first while you are there you can get some more information on MK smart house finally if you want some.

Behind the scenes and what I’m currently working on then follow MK smart house on social media the links are.

In the description alright thank you for watching and if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below or head over to the MK smart house forum where you have a better chance of getting it answered good bye.

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