Jacque Cilliers – "self Improvement From The Gut"

It’s my second talk ever so thank you very much for coming so many inspiring people it’s actually fun I used to be a sci

It’s my second talk ever so thank you very much for coming so many inspiring people it’s actually fun I used to be a scientist so I need to correct you on that one before I carry on now it makes communications so I guess I’m still in science in some way but I used to work now there and I.

A and I had a white coat yeah I was like the number one question I may be I.

Also had a elevator pitch and my.

Elevator pitch was I research you improvement of industrial-sized just kept coming what’s it look like how big is it what useful touch making sounds like think about things five times.

A night give me five people discovered accountants are boring just I’m not going to do too much science but all these I’ll do some and nematodes have bacteria living inside and I was we were researching how to make more nematodes every time you do a fermentation and it’s not easy because it’s very up get yeah two things.

Growing at the same time and bacteria it’s very hard to sort of convince an eMeter to do better motivated so my colleague said oh yes probably the bacteria and I ignore them for years and then when those sorts do investigations into it and I don’t know if you like me but if you are you open a browser like 10 seconds later you have 100 all different things like music never tones bacteria lightning you just keep going and I went from nematodes and the.

Gut bacteria live in them and I went to do more research and I found that actually gut bacteria can help us very very much and there’s a lot of research that’s coming out and I’m very grateful to have they and that got me interested because your guts done here and your brains up here and there’s a significant difference in location.

This does all the thinking you know it doesn’t look.

The working out of problems it doesn’t mess it does your accountant see if there’s the.

Worrying about your children that’s the creation of music it does it does poetry and this and it makes us what we so how are they how are they linked up well turns out the links.

Up by two major physical things one is a long nerve called the vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve and and it doesn’t just run your cup it doesn’t just you know work okay make it work but there are other things like your heart Newlands and it’s a parasympathetic nerve which means you cannot do conflicts it you can try well what does it.

Look like your arms there was one guy who could flex the person today.

Called the vagus nerve and his name was Pavlov and he had dogs you can ring a bell and he.

Even threw a ring about them feed them food and do that and that’s what the banks know best so when you smell food and your stomach’s rumbling you get hungry and you got bacteria produce certain chemicals like this because every time I say something and they gather as well and these are chemicals that actually worked they they can find the note the notice of bi-directional nerves it works.

It goes from the gut all the way up to the brain and it goes from the brain down to the go so whatever happens in the gut you will feel it in the brain and bacteria can actually affect this yeah the other thing that bacteria do is they.

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