Jacque Cilliers – "self Improvement From The Gut"

It’s my second talk ever so thank you very much for coming so many inspiring people it’s actually fun I used to be a sci

Can stimulate the body to produce things like serotonin and they can also stimulate the board to produce things like dopamine dopamine well the lack of dopamine is linked to depression and serotonin is linked to schizophrenia among very many other things so there is a body of research that shows that the gut and a good environment.

Got bacteria in this whole region or 100 trillion bacteria that’s fourteen thousand times and a noun for people living on this planet take earth multiply it by 14 2002 all of those people that’s the.

Amount of bacteria in your gut so significantly they did mouse studies and they transferred bacteria from eggs anxious I was gonna say anxiety anxious mice just transfer the bacteria so the receiving mice who was normal so yes you test for corticosteroid it’s the stress induced and also there’s certain things that must be because.

Most like to stay alive very much like us and they will if they’re anxious they’ll hide away more often than coming out and you have a scientist sitting there with a stopwatch actually measuring the mouse comes out and then doesn’t so there’s two ways of doing it where.

Was I Noboru that’s right yes so yeah you were able to actually transfer the moves and it works in Reverse as well so when they had a normal mouse and a mouse that was acting normally and had normal corticosteroid levels and they transferred the bacteria back into Andres mice it actually fits them so if you.

Were to goo gut brain access you will find what starting to.

Become very very big library of research that shows that the gut bacteria are starting they do affect your your mood they can help you with depression.

And anxiety on stage and as I think this research and sort of doing the reading I person I see myself as kind of happy but it happened and I never saw it coming just certain things changed work we had a team coming in from our head office to help me do my job which I saw as an insult I had a very critical boss.

And I have very critical co-worker and this this kind of cool into my head and I spent today crying at work okay like I was crying all the things excites a rock will yes [Laughter] yeah so yeah I’ve had walk.

Into a Roman and I just couldn’t control my stupid self like I.

Tried all them and I’ve never been depressed of course I.

Don’t know what it’s like you know yeah but it was horrible like it was it was it was it was bad like I don’t even know myself I felt like my body had become a black hole that was sucking my own self into itself it it.

Was so bad that I made the promise that I would never ever go back there again and not only did I promised myself I’d never ever go back there again but I said to myself I’m gonna get back.

To where I used to be and I’m.

Gonna keep going and to say goodbye to my old self and I’ll be better so I did two things the first thing I did was I took control of how I was thinking about myself in my head because you can bash yourself hard and you were always around yourself and if you’re bashing yourself who’s gonna lift you up like your.

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