Jacque Cilliers – "self Improvement From The Gut"

It’s my second talk ever so thank you very much for coming so many inspiring people it’s actually fun I used to be a sci

Friends so how long is it gonna take before your fingers are now and that kind of critical attack that you are so used to doing and there’s a lot of like nodding.

Heads I know I know you have to do it like all the time that can really get in and that can start to make you feel really bad about yourself because you’re the one who’s bashing your own self.

You believe that more than you believe anybody else and somebody goes actually you’re pretty cool you guys because you just keep believing.

Yourself and you keep bashing your own self and the way I did that was and this is by the way what are the most powerful things I’ve ever done was I took.

A journal and every day I wrote down three things that I did that day that I thought was awesome or great so do that because I come on stage but I mean I think I do that for about two weeks and it was enough to lift me and then I used to be you’re writing in active speech you know it’s I did this.

Thing and that was me who did that you’re not a pacifist you’re not sitting around watching somebody else do it for you you’re the one who’s doing it and that’s how you writing you’re also writing in positive language so you never use negatives because I did.

This today right three to five things very easy massive huge because when you can fortify your own brain you become so much more resilient against whatever was going to throw at you and man it will because people can be assholes like and they have their own agenda and they’re fighting out of fear like you’d say something in a day confirming off guard and then they’ll critically attack you in.

Front of other people but doing this made me feel so much better about myself and fortified me against so much and then the other thing I did was I.

Took care of right so I’m not selling the stuff like I don’t I do take a life lie still freeze-dried and it’s sold in Holland Barrett’s there’s two bacteria in their school the one is Latimer citizen laughter do those two things and if you feel the same after two months then I would probably see a psychologist because.

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