Ninja Reveals His *new* $200,000 Stream Room/gaming Setup! *legendary* Fortnite Moments

This will be the main camera that you guys gonna be watching me on we’ve got the ninja chair max comic NZXT computer man

This will be the main camera that you guys gonna be watching me on we’ve got the ninja chair max comic NZXT computer man which we actually just got something with maybe a few for print if it’s a DP brand new computer with 28 in it and we got the i9 concentrate from in fella as well we’re gonna set.

That up right probably like tomorrow we’re in a little bit but we didn’t really have time I wanted to just you know get the stream.

Stuff to alright so so this is going to be the.

The general blue I think this would be a better view for you guys all right we have the blue preset we got the red preset yellow presets pom pom pink preset and then a little bit of a darker ninja afterthought like 3sat man you guys ready for this what does that do should i nah I’m not gonna hit it I don’t show you guys everything so I got my I got my wireless charger for my phone I mean I can’t really figure it’s the.

Memorabilia wall allama h1z1 rotational 1 million youtube I can show you guys this – I’m gonna have cameras for all these in a little bit we only have these TVs the two right now but ‘we come back nobody what’s that like transition.

Mix everything you have that bad boy two of them they added it just leaks out cold air.

Into the room dude yeah so the style yes so it’s just we it’s like I have cold air basically being leaked into the room the entire time so it doesn’t get on my even you know I’ve spent a while in here and I don’t uh I don’t haven’t sweat sweat it sweat hey why is there.

A little Harry Potter compartment behind that’s like the collection that’s where that’s where Nick Murphy screams here we go.

Hey what the booth hey buddy how are you doing.

I tried to pull my glider no dude first of all I didn’t try and land on the spike trap.

Obviously I don’t clip it please oh my god did baby what else is chess okay take one here dude who’s brother come on I’m.

Up the screen I’m trolling I’m trouble.

I give up I’m trolling I give up I give up I’m sure this day is amazing hey bro thank you again Tucker for the sub homie Josh Jones thank you what’s the train that now 350 250 away from the 400 train literally fucking zombies you love to chitchat oh you.

Don’t love that though don’t come over don’t come over don’t.

Do it he’s coming Oh on the house northwest be 30 and what oh my god no II oh you’re so.

Lucky he puts a lot player why is it never audio on them say.

Hi to the stream oh there goes the light is far.

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