Food History Seminar And Women's History Seminar – Jacqueline Castledine And Philip Carstairs

Okay great well first of all thank you all for coming here this evening and to anyone who moon watching via the internet

Okay great well first of all thank you all for coming here this evening and to anyone who moon watching via the internet I’m happy to introduce our first speaker who is Jack Castle dying very appropriately named and who is a professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and and who is interested in strategies communities to improve employee to.

Chalid challenge injustice and she’s got several publications related to bats and including one on women’s interracial organizing for.

Peace and freedom and she’s speaking to us today about gender politics in the New Orleans civil rights movement thank you very much I was very.

Happy to be in London my favorite city and unable to share my research with you tonight I’m just getting over a cold I sound worse than I feel but I thought that you should know why why I might be something a little unusual um and I’m going to be talking again to tonight about probably my second favorite see and that’s New Orleans and and anybody who’s ever events in the world to New Orleans you know that when you’re in that city it doesn’t take long before you start hearing.

About iconic restaurants like Dooky chase and it’s the Dookie taste restaurant I’ll be talking about tonight Dooky Chase’s been my entry clinical research on black women’s political uses of food so I I want to give you just a brief history a background of what brought me to this to kind of give you some context for the questions I’m asking and trying to answer so Dooky chase is an unusual name for a.

Restaurant but it’s the name of a person to teach a senior in 2011 I took my first trip to New Orleans to attend the annual Jazz Festival and this trip happened to coincide with the 50-year anniversary of the civil rights freedom rides during the black and white youth many from the Congress of racial equality or the core organization attempted to ride buses to cities. in an effort to test a newly decided Supreme Court ruling that had declared segregated public transportation unconstitutional the.

Media 2011 celebrated the important role that the restaurant Dooky chase had played in supporting college-aged New Orleans Freedom Riders I was coming from Massachusetts and I had never heard of duty case and.

So this was very interested interesting to me in particular the media focused on.

The role that Leah chase would.

Be the the daughter-in-law of Dooky chase that Leah chase played in in the civil rights movement leah is again the daughter-in-law to teach a senior and Emily chase react chase married Dukey Jr okay and and so Leah Chase.

Has been quite a central figure a very celebrated african-american woman for her contributions to the community a typical headline at this time that I was looking at the DJ’s would read something like this quote Dooky chase.

Gumbo fueled the civil rights movement.

So it was the idea that the food gumbo being one of the signature you know I’m dishes and New Orleans that the suit how important the food was to sustaining the the bodies literally you know physical in a physical way of movement workers others were also similar to this and they also argued that the restaurant was a civil rights landmark where activists regularly.

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