Gummy Food Vs Real Food *giant Gummy Food Edition*

What is up YouTube today we’re going to do something we haven’t done in a really really long time you guessed it from th

What is up YouTube today we’re going to do something we haven’t done in a really really long time you guessed it from the title we’re doing another round of baby food real food where we take a gummy food and take the real food version of it and then see that see if it’s got even snot yeah make sure.

You hit that bell if you love lime juice and make sure to stay tuned till the end of the video there’s something really really special one all right here we go round one what’s underneath these little covers today.

We’re gonna start it off with oh happy meal check it out oh we got the pok√©mon and the hello keep us nice Oh a Happy Meal version of gummies I’m so.

Excited let’s just try this out okay so let’s open this happy meal okay if you’ve never opened a nappy meal it’s really just what is.

This yogurt hamburger a cute little thing look at this this thing was so much bigger when I.

Was younger I don’t remember it.

Being this tiny look at that let’s just try it all out mmm mmm hmm this is kind of disgusting sorry McDonald’s it’s just a tea and then we got the meat ketchup mayonnaise onion pickle that is so basic but it’s so so good oh my goodness they do this nowadays check out this toy you get.

Your own Latios Pokemon right there oh my goodness okay whatever they.

Do this now on McDonald’s they give you pokemon cards let’s see which one I got I got a big tube and then go-gurt so I’m still.

Either there I don’t really like that is the real food version of the Happy Meal.

Let’s try the gamma version of it this is really hard to open I’m so excited to see what’s there oh my goodness that is super cute first we have this one I think this one signifies coca-cola all right then we have fries similar to the McDonald’s fries we have ourselves a.

Little fries as well and you can’t have a happy meal without.

The burger check that Wow look at the difference the only difference is yogurt is replaced by coca-cola and then this thing doesn’t have toys ok so.

Let’s try it out let’s check out these fries real quick whoa good very lemonade very sour which is great but here’s some coca-cola guys this is drink the coca-cola mmm they come in like little noodles is this supposed to be like soba noodles or something mm-hmm there’s a coca-cola.

Which is pretty cool awesome laughter hmm last but not least a hamburger the only bad thing with this is there’s a top bun right here which is split up bottom is just like this plastic layer no disappointing is good look at this look how amazing this burger is smart how.

They did it cuz right here that’s supposed to signify.

Head trip and mustard but if you take it out.

This is so smart it’s just a cute little gummy bear oh no I mess it up I’m sorry alright let’s just take a good big bite okay ready oh yeah if I had to pick a winner between the.

Or the gummy food I’m gonna have to give the winner to they got it fooled just cuz look this is so unique you know it comes in a happy meal.

There’s so much flavor so much variety let’s just move on to the next coming food versus the real food round round two round number two let’s see what we have underneath here oh look it’s a watermelon oh what a minute look at that one oh I’m so excited if we didn’t know this I’ve done this so many times in videos this is the fastest way to eat a watermelon okay a regular woody it is like this so.

Here’s the hack for it okay if you want to eat a watermelon really fast and you’re like really crunch eat it sideways like this three two one enough lie that’s a great watermelon let’s try this gummy why look check it out look at that and.

Now you go to the back oh look at that so let’s try it out but we have little seeds here I wonder what that is no no I feel like it’s like the same flavor is that licorice from the coca-cola hmm that’s just like watermelon is amazing look at it if I have to.

Give a winner I’m gonna have to go through the giant gummy watermelon if it’s beautiful and it tastes amazing that’s the best thing that could ever happen on to the next round three alright here we go round three but before round three make sure to hit subscribe I’ll give you three seconds three I’ll do one that’s right hit that Bell to one two three yes okay oh.

Did you guys guess pizza because nah it’s okay you’re a subscriber now so let me give you a piece of his so yeah pizza so therefore here is a gummy oh good thing about this one is compared to the last two rounds the last two rounds are like there’s a fruit and then there’s a watermelon and then what not what do you think this one will taste.

Like cuz you already know what this is.

Cheese off the brownie a little bit of like bread so let’s just yeah yeah I love pizza Pizza oh let’s try out this yummy pizza shall we take a good look look at all the details check the back that’s all crust so let’s say goodbye hmm it tastes like this if you’ve ever had this candy called starburst it tastes like the orange flavor combined with the yellow flavor mixed.

Them all together you get a pizza that’s what.

It tastes like I know what you’re saying in your mind wobbler juice what does the pizza taste like together I got you I.

To find out right now here we go three two one it’s not bad it’s kind of like you take a pizza yeah a whole bunch of like sugar that’s really it and the winner of this round.

I’m going to a nine to the real pizza because nothing can beat a real pizza even if it looks beautiful.

But pizza you know pizza is like.

One of the greatest inventions of all time round four all right here we go Round four here we go three two one oh no oh no the butter it’s alright it’s okay I’m so sorry that’s what happens.

When the gravity does its thing oh no the butter is there well obviously the next round is a.

Waffle those are gummy waffles great oh my gosh that’s so cool so you can’t have your waffle without your syrups so get your syrup syrup and just go syrup it up so let’s try this one I want to dedicate this to a girl named 11 shoutouts to you al mm-hmm just used to be like my morning routine make an egg oh go.

To school make an egg go go to school make an egg oh they go to school all right we got ourselves the gummy waffle yeah yeah yeah all right so let’s get this waffle here I wonder what.

This tastes like I feel like they made it like the flavor of syrup hopefully it’s the flavor.

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