My Updated Curly Hair Routine!!!

Check one two check one two am I on hey y’all welcome back to my channel thank you guys so much for clicking on this vid

Check one two check one two am I on hey y’all welcome back to my channel thank you guys so much for clicking on this video in my second home hi okay our sensors if you are new here first off welcome thank you so much for clicking on this video I appreciate you stopping on by I’ll be sure okay.

Before you go be sure to subscribe by clicking this button right down below somewhere on whatever side and be a part of the Sam BAM I was old early feel so honored if you do I’m.

Not all time subscribers girlfriend yeah go ahead and get into this video alright so yeah I washed my hair in the shower and I’m I’m.

Treatment if you are new here I wear by Apple G products they have helped my hair tremendously.

You can check out old videos and what have you to see that process okay so how I can tell when my hair is in dire need of some protein is it breaks it snaps very easily and my curl just kind of seemed like there limp suddenly have a.

It in this bottle just to make it easier for the Spanx it is messy so it’s just better clear the spray bottle spray bottle what have you so again this.

Is the Apple G from OH open example G protein treatment okay if you’ve never tried it I need you to go ahead and try it so with Apple G if you’ve never used it you really really really really really won’t be careful.

I’ve been doing this for years so you want to get a license call and obviously work the product in so.

Again if you’ve never used it it stinks with it it smells like booty because it’s true it smells like booty ho booty oh okay whoa whoa that’s what you want and I’m back I’m right and mine so my hair feels really good.

But it shrink me dry I could do instant results when I use Apple G protein treatment I’m like instant because I really really mean it so you.

To doing my hair I know how it feels when it you know eat you know you know come on you just know how you hear both hashtag not sponsor today’s video concert you know you’ll be feeling stuff away when things are sponsored.

So now it’s very very imperative that your girl goes ahead and sneak conditions my hair I’m use my pure oils you guys know I mention this in my favorite video I love this stuff really thick okay super super thick y’all see that hey we’re gonna go ahead and give my hair some moisture or here mister loved ya.

I’m gonna go ahead and trim.

My hair I do it while I have a whole bunch of product in my hair so I’m just going to subsection that section this.

Is just what I do okay national like to make sure.

That you have a lot of product in your hair go ahead and just trim so I know y’all didn’t see that my early so I’m just taking my hair with loads of product I’m just kind of filling my ends and they are still dry because it’s time for.

A trim and then I can feel some single strand knots my.

Ends instantly feel better and then I’m just gonna go ahead and twist my hair up whoo my hair feels so much better y’all look so same thing I’m gonna go ahead and grab some deep conditioner oh don’t even.

Understand how good my hair feels right now oh my hair needed that much in my hair it’s it just all feels so good my mind they’re not so now it is my hair fixed usually I was playing down the bit up right y’all used to see me do that I’m gonna work from the back to the front I just like where my hair at ladies and I do that so for my leave-in I’m gonna.

Be using the Camille Rose coconut water and of course I’m gonna be using my a booth right here and tons of videos OMG wet lined extreme Joe still ride with Michael I still rise a mango but this is just the come through and I’m gonna go ahead and start my why should.

Go all is so imperative you might help you here okay to really ensure that you have their day that you really give your hair some love because my hair just feels a hundred times better and snipping those ends in my hair feels.

Of course you know the protein treatment the conditioning I mean issues so vital for your hair to flourish and – we love you and flourishing air and moisturize edges then y’all know I never neglect my roots why you asked because.

When you get your hair pressed or flatter do you neglect your roots abduct neglect your roots when you’re doing a wash and go it will ensure movement.

And that you know you just have a complete hairstyle you don’t want goofy roots and all that jazz okay so now that we got all that.

In okay I’m gonna go back with my Denman brush only I let my ends and clumping them to their especially on this side because decided to my looser side it’s always been like that yeah so this is the side that’s real trifling and it gives me problems does winning know you pass the notes.

And charges though this is that side okay all my hair.

Feels so good y’all wait come on boy look my hair feels amazing look at that y’all look ya’ll see.

Whoa Oh Sookie whoa damn you guys know I touched my hair I’m just gonna let it air dry and.

Do some things around the house but I just stop and then we will be back with the final results so I’m probably going to diffuse my hair then I stretch my hair y’all see in every video so I’m probably just gonna not even film that come back with final results so look okay – first day here so it’s black touch bouncy this day how much crunch to it let’s hope it does have a hold and ya get.

Bigger as today’s cold when it’s the weak chin on saying the week goes away it’s gonna.

Be bigger this donkey baby it’ll take its shape the right house right stay here so it’s trifling yeah I’m gonna.

Show you guys how I have been doing my hair and then just showing you guys you know what I would do like in a full day or it’s like you know be conditioning it’s it’s protein treatments my don’t really.

Oil treatments that much I haven’t really seen a benefit in it for me protein is in my hair loves and I get my moisture from like aloe vera juice and water so yeah so you got.

I hope you guys enjoyed okay I’m very pleased my hair feels really good and I’m not probably gonna get at least like five days and we and then how I preserve my hair is I pineapple at night which is where you bring all your hair up and our sleep either with.

A bunny or a scarf and in the morning I shake shake shake shake shake I hope you.

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