Red Dead Redemption 2 | All Legendary Animal Locations Guide & Hunting Tips

Yo what’s going on guys Eric’s here welcome back to another video for Red Dead Redemption 2 and this one I want to show

Yo what’s going on guys Eric’s here welcome back to another video for Red Dead Redemption 2 and this one I want to show you guys where to find and how to hunt all of the legendary beasts there are 16 in total and upon hunting them you then unlock the ability to craft The Associated gear go to cosmetic but.
For those you guys that want to tick.

Off your completion then this is something you’re going to want.

To do so if you do enjoy this you want it helpful then likely super appreciate it comment down below if you have any questions if you have an entered are spider-man ps4 pro giveaway then don’t get to cut a link in the description box down below for your chance.

To win and also if you don’t wanna miss any of our future uploads think that the notification button so you’re notified every time we upload a new video now to begin with the process for hunting these for the first 15 is the same you will do the exact.

Same thing albeit in different locations what you’ll begin by doing is approaching the general vicinity of the legendary beast and then once you’re there you’ll get notified that you are in the vicinity of a legendary beast you then need to go and find a clue and upon finding that clue you will then use your Eagle Eye to.

Then go find the next two clues and upon finding the third one you will be led to the legendary beast do you then need to kill it and if I’m killing it you can then skin it and take.

That skin back to the trapper now you don’t technically speaking you have to do that if you get the kill it registers and you can then go.

To the trapper and craft the gear but if you take the actual physical Pelt back you can also sell it in the process so there’s some money to learn so that’s your general flow for the first 15 beasts the sixteenth one’s a little bit different but we’ll get to that in the end so to begin with starting off with the bear this is one that you might achieve encountered yourself pretty early on the game but if you haven’t know what you want to do is go over to.

The Grizzlies east right we’ve seen us on the map right now and this is where you want to go to pick up your first clue now something else worth calling out as well a tip for hunting any of these legendary beasts is that if you use.

The rolling block and you pair this with Express rounds and Deadeye then for most your kills you’re actually better take them out with relative ease you’ll find it in you know three to four shots he will take your targets will be down so this is just a tip for you know hunting any of them if you have this this is kind.

Of a weapon you’ll get pretty early on then this is something that might make your life a lot easier either way find a clue follow the glue and hunt the bear they’re moving on from there to the legendary beaver for this one you want to go.

North of the Kumasi River this location you see here now you want to pay attention to where we’re currently standing this is where you’ll find the first clue now do bear in mind that you probably use Eagle Eye.

Because they’re not necessarily the most obvious things but when you activate it you can definitely see it then upon finding that first clue and interacting with it you can then turn on your Eagle Eye and you can essentially follow the line to the second and third clues this next part once you’ve found the first clue is actually pretty straightforward moving on from there to number three the legendary Bighorn Ram this one is just south of the Grizzlies west sign on the map to the right of cattle pond over.

Here you can see on that sort of dirt track if you go over to where we’re standing right now this is where you will find the first clue and again the same principles before follow that to the second and third clues and then you will find the RAM moving off from there.

One is just north of the blue water Marsh sign if you go and look.

Where we’re currently standing over here just on this pathway this is where you’ll begin what we’re looking for is essentially some dung on the ground doesn’t necessarily look that obvious so this is one of those things we’re going first person might actually make it easier similar thing to when you’re looking for dinosaur bones it’s kind of just easy to look on the ground in first person.

Find that interact with it follow the path to you next two locations and you can then find and shoot the ball now for the legendary buck you’re gonna go all the way to the west side of the map over to Big Valley or West eliezer and then over here on this dirt trap you can see on the actual map this where.

We’re currently standing is where you will find your first clue follow that one to the next two and you will then find the buck for the next one the legendary bull Gator you go to the south of the.

Lagos River in by Owen wah and here just off the path is where you’ll find your first clue and you can then follow that one through to find your second and third ones before you find it the alligator he’s a pretty tough opponent so uh definitely trying to gauge in from range because you don’t wanna get snapped up by this guy for the legendary cougar.

You’re gonna be going over to gap-toothed Ridge just the west of tumbleweed this is where you want to put your way pointer to just off the path again there’s another little sort of dirt track that deviates off the main path that this we’re currently standing is where you want to be you’ll find some more cougar dung which you know blends into the ground isn’t very easy to.

See but once again follow that activate your Eagle Eye.

To find your next to before.

You find the Cougar for the legendary coyote.

What we want to do is go to the south of do brewery fools and if you go over to this location here just the right of the old Green Bank mill this is where you’ll find the first clue some more done you can then.

Follow that to your second and third ones before you find the beast for the legendary lq when we going to the east of Braca station.

Over where you see us right here it’s just sort of away from the train track you they want to go and.

Find your first clue right here what.

We’re standing right now and again you can follow that to the next two before you find it the elk you will then find the legendary Fox located just by the Matic pond so for this one you want to start.

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