Traumatic Experiences + Announcements

I like knowing I have a pretty good life compared to certain people I’m living with curiously regardless I still have ha

I like knowing I have a pretty good life compared to certain people I’m living with curiously regardless I still have had some scary and bad things happen to me so that’s what I’m talking about today also a quick announcement we’re actually really close to 300 subscribers so probably do something when I hit 300 sorry my last video was.

So weird I just made it for fun so if you watch me a lot you might know that I was recently in Costa Rica by recently I mean three months ago but it feels recent for me so I overall had.

A lot of fun there one thing that happened was pretty scary so Lia rafting on this river and there was some parts that went pretty fast but for the most part it was pretty calm and one of the calm part so guide told me I could sit on the front of the raft like this technically.

It was a little thing I could hold on to.

And I did but as soon as I got on we hit.

A bunch of Rapids like really fast and consequently instead of me happily floating along I fell off.

Not just off literally under the boat and lo Mesa instead of going around I could lift the raft up with three older kids and for adults on it yeah so after multiple attempts somehow managed to get around but I was actually under.

There for like at least 30 seconds afterwards my mom definitely told me that the guy just said oh he’ll be fine while I was literally under a boat going like 20 miles per hour the thing was I had a lifejacket on so even if I knew to go around it’d still be pretty hard there’s also just happened.

A couple of months ago though looking back on it I actually think it’s kind of funny how it was so sudden and I could have done so much things to avoid that from even happening so it.

Was pretty scary I seem to be very unlucky.

With water like the story I just told you and one time I broke my finger from a wave on the beach knocking me over so overall.

Water just does not make me feel as confident or good as it probably should this other story happened very close to now except five years ago because it was on Halloween happy close to Halloween even though it’s a couple days after I find it so surprising.

Country celebrate Halloween if you literally walk around getting free candy and possibly scaring people that sounds fun okay back on topic my next story happened on Halloween of 2013 with my friend and.

Were about to go trick-or-treating so we were at his house we got an elevator to go and we weren’t out.
For like 30 seconds when outside we heard a.

Big scraping noise our babysitter was with us and she obviously was nervous so she told us not to panic that was honestly a bit hard considering we had probably just gotten stuck.

In the elevator on Halloween you press the emergency button and my friend took his costume off which i think was just a ghost so he’s just wearing the Sheep he started to really get nervous after like almost an hour but.

Finally the door scared to open for actual fire fighters there for some reason so I thought we could have died but really all that happened was elevator kind of sunk but that I mean somehow went into the part of the elevator shaft it’s only.

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