Traumatic Experiences + Announcements

I like knowing I have a pretty good life compared to certain people I’m living with curiously regardless I still have ha

Supposed to go for maintenance I remember how upset me and my friend were when we only miss like an hour of Halloween also I want to give a huge shout out to two channels that’ll be linked in the description even though one of them already gets more views.

Than me but make sure to check them out because both of them make much better content than me I have a lot of smaller experiences that definitely scared me especially as an introvert but these were definitely the top two scariest most traumatizing experiences I’ve.
Had and this may sound cheap but one reason I don’t delete all of my most.

Cringy old videos is because they contain the strong majority of my views and with YouTube’s new algorithm which in my opinion is really bad you used to have to have 10,000 views to get monetized but now you have to be.

A year on YouTube which I’ve already done you need to have a thousand subscribers which i think is kind of pointless and you need to have four thousand hours of overall watch time which I may have but I don’t know how to find my overall lost time so if any of you know how to oh please comment down below I’m also a suddenly addicted.

To South Park so my next video may have some references to it also the birds birthday or anniversary of when we got them is coming up.

So maybe I can do my next video on that so bye have a nice day.

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