Video Announcements 11/5

Welcome to this week’s video lapses events for the week our PTO special launches next week on Tuesday the 13th they are

Welcome to this week’s video lapses events for the week our PTO special launches next week on Tuesday the 13th they are circular rinses make sure you turn in your forms stupid piece today is next Friday the 16th so make sure you try in your forest by Tuesday the 13th the news for this week the third graders travel to.

The magic house they have to cheat a job and got to work and experience what it was like the third graders also got to say the Rosary dr.

To second grade has a special visit from the Hartford Dan Killen and got to see the writing process and got to see how books.

Are made one of the books he broke is Derek in the dinosaurs on Monday we will have a high of 61 and a low 59 on Tuesday we will have a high of 64 and low 41 on Wednesday behind 5:45 at 11:30 for Thursday we will have.

A high of 46 and a low 43 on Friday we will have a high of 46 and a low 39 virtue of the week is truthfulness truthfulness is the fact of being true or.

Telling the truth it’s important to miss truthful even when we might.

Get in trouble the same thing is truth was a Saint Bonaventure he loved to where God’s truth and about God’s revelation we learn about God in his.
Truths and school every day but we pay attention to these things.

It connects us to God even more than we already are truth exists only lies are invented georges braque this quote means that the truth is always with us and but we can make up lies why did you never hear to tell and we should always be truthful for Who am I last week’s person was Saint Francis for. Ambrose this person has been teaching at Ambrose for a while here’s a her sister’s an actor an actress this person is really funny he or.
She does not teach specials this person teaches.

She loves the color green this person is known you know.

And jellyfish are not fish they do not have a brain a heart or.

Bones first course this week the MOV is now over the.

Red Sox won the World Series hopefully the Cardinals can do better next year further blues they aren’t doing too well they are a.

Last place for their division behind the.

Stars Blackhawks jet wild avalanche and predators the white ninth penguin predators and.

Sharks brand first further the mission the NFL is now in week 10 coming up with the Patriots Chiefs Steelers and Texans at first for the American Football Conference and the Redskins Bears Rams and States at first for the National Conference for the NBA the Warriors are at first followed by the Nuggets for.

The Western Conference and the Eastern Conference the Box mentors followed by the Raptors now for San Diego sports for soccer second grade boys are Florida their girls are 7 and 1/3 third.

Grade the girls are 511 for 4th grade the girls are 3 and 1 the 5th grade boys are 6 of 1.

The eighth grade boys are three and three on this day in history honest and history of over 6 1966 the lunar orbiter 2 was launched the capsule was used to finding spots of the moon from further exploration and discovery for birthdays this week back sergeant November 8th Emerson sergeant November 8th giovannitti Martino no memory and the crew savato November 10th thank you for watching this week’s video announcements.

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