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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I just want to talk to you guys about some of my favorite things that I feel l

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I just want to talk to you guys about some of my favorite things that I feel like you or at least I need to have for fall so today I want to talk to you guys about some of my favorite pieces to wear and I just love like thick chunky sweaters.

And some other stuff that I’ll show you guys in this videos so let’s just go ahead and get started so I’m gonna start off with jackets and I.

Just feel like it’s really nice to.

Have decent leather jacket dry and fall because you could wear it on its own with like a little tank top underneath or you could like put a hoody underneath and still look pretty good so I have a couple over here a black one I think it’s like a staple and.

I will insert a video like me wearing the clothes but a black one is actually really nice to have because it will go with everything and anything and I feel like you can dress it up or down like this looks really nice with like some little.

Heels or something or if you want to just wear it with like some black jeans and some converse you know like don’t go with anything then I have this like olive green one and it has zippers and like a little belt that I actually removed because I didn’t like how it hung on the little things back here so it really is the belt but I do like to call her a.

Lot and it just looks nice and a color.

That’s really popular right now it’s like a mustard in yellow and I actually really like it I’m really happy it’s trending right now because it’s one of my.

Recently bought this leather jacket and this was not the best quality but I bought her anyway because the color was just so cute and it has like zippers and stuff the bag is really simple nothing much not much going on but it actually fits really nice.

And I found another one it to your max by I didn’t like the fit of it that much because.

It just made me look like really baggy and like thick but this one is.

Really nice and it just it’s by really good I have one denim jacket and this is like a pukey collar and denim jacket this one is from Urban Outfitters and I got it on sale a while back I was during summer actually but I thought it would be nice to have it don’t fall so I just bought it anyway but yeah I’d say really nice and baggy and I get.

To see to layer with like a chunky sweater like this or whatever and yeah it’s like nice and a second feels good you know as for the brand bdg and you guys will see how it fits next I’m going to talk about sliders because sweaters is like the main thing here this one going to Murray right now is from H&M and it’s like really chunky really soft and I just just freaking love it it’s a size small but it’s like a little bit oversized so it’s.

This is kind of like the same color but the neck is a little bit different this is like a mock neck and this one again is from Urban Outfitters but this one took a little bit old flake from.

Last year I think it’s like really long and I think did you call this like oh I don’t know what you called this like net but it’s nice and it’s nice employee it looks really good with like.

Jeans and like some taupe boots or something some brown boots like heels this sweater is from airy and it’s probably the softest thing I have ever felt in my life it’s really soft it has like a turtleneck nice and flowy oversized for sure but yeah nice people I think.

And then apart from the baggy sweaters I also like to have a little.

Bit more crop once this one is from American Eagle it’s like a nice teal color.

It’s not super cropped so if your weight and light high rise jeans they will probably hit you right with your jeans and you.

Know so nothing’s showing but it’s a really nice teal color it’s a little bit boxy but I don’t mind that at all next we have this yellowish greenish crop sweater this one is actually cropped depending on the jeans you wear you could have a little bit showing or you know I usually like to wear with like the highest ones that I have so my stomach doesn’t really show but I really like.

The color of the fit it cinches the waist really nicely so it kind of gives you a little bit more of a shape this is from Urban Outfitters this is from last year though so I’m not really sure if you’ll still have it but the color is really nice to fit is nice as well and it’s nice and chunky too.

And then last but not least I have this little purple one what are this one’s just go.

Dolmen or bad sleeves I don’t know but it’s like a nice dark purple this is from storable Burlington Coat Factory I actually found this and I thought.

It was really cute so like a nice purple it’s not cropped is more like a regular you know cut and yep pretty loose – so nothing to attained which I like and then I also.
Have this sweater from H&M it’s like an olive green.

Color and it’s more cropped and this was only 18 dollars so I think it’s a really good buy it just fits really nice if you were in high rise jeans it’ll land right where your jeans start so that’s good this leaves are nice and long.

And it’s like a more chunky knit kinda so I just I just really liked it you guys will see it when I try not just looks very nice I feel like I’m not really good at explaining the clothes but they’re.

Cute I want to talk about a couple of pairs of shoes so I have this brown Martens and this ones are the ones that you can like fold out like like so but I never do that I always just wear them up and.

I don’t know I think they’re like really cute and you know they’ll keep you warm and make you could pair them with like a sweater like this color I think it matches really nicely with some leggings or something I just.

Love this once and I think they’re my most one boots I would say and I actually just got this once as a gift but this or the.

Black ones and I actually think there’s a whole freaking.

Ice I feel like I like outfits that look a little bit more edgy and this definitely helped pull that off and I just like I’m a big fan of Doc.

Martens itself so that’s all I have for you guys today I really hope you enjoy the video give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe.

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