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Hi it’s Nick from fabulously creative welcome back to my channel today I will be doing it playing with me and as you can

Hi it’s Nick from fabulously creative welcome back to my channel today I will be doing it playing with me and as you can see I am all set up for fall before I could start our show and show you some new stickers that are that are in the shop you see I have these the pretty plans I think.

I’ve you’ve seen these already I use these last week I also have a sweater weather and they’ll come in two skin tones light and dark I think I may use this one this week and sweater weather.

Number two this one is my favorite but I don’t think it is quite cold enough yet and this one I’m not sure if it’s listed in the shop yet they may be lists about time this video goes up and also have some die cuts which I’m really excited to show you I have lots of new stuff in the shop these are jumbo jumbo die cuts and let me just show you it’s so cute and I’m not sure if I’m gonna use these this week or next.
Week first I want to show you what.

I have new so they come in the jumbo size and the mini size let me see this is the mini size I won’t go through every one of them but that’s how they look so for my layout.

I am using my normal weekly layout for my mini happy planner it is a vertical layout and if you want to try it you can download it for free on my website the link will be in.

The description box and let’s get started I always like to start off by putting my list boxes down and just a few fold pattern boxes just to take away that blank page intimidation and get things going and also if I don’t put a list box down I will forget that I need to like have things written there and I will just cover everything in stickers so that’s kind of my way like.

Of the way first so I know okay don’t cover that with stickers I have to write something right there so I put a list box on Monday night Wednesday night and then I have one for Saturday and I always wanted up with an extra one for the weekend like before the week is over.

And I also put my date at the top in my date boxes and I did kind of fast-forward through that part because I feel like I do I know that part is kind of the same every week if you’ve been watching my videos so I did fast-forward that and I am putting my list boxes on.

The side this week I’m not sure if I did if I did the arm if I did my tracker boxes on the side last week but I am determined to use those stickers I’m determined to exercise this week so that’s why I was determined to put those up there and now I’m.

Just digging through my project life cards I want to put a little tag on the side so.

Like a few cards that I thought what meant and I really wanted to use like this paper with the numbers I’ve had that paper for a while and I’ve been trying to use it on everything but I didn’t wind up using it I don’t know it was just too busy but it is a pretty paper.

And like that um number nine I’m not sure if you can tell in the video but it’s I guess it’s like a rose gold foil and it’s.

So pretty but it just it didn’t work it was it was too busy but I like putting these little Clips on side my page they just give the layout.

A little something extra and the pages that I’m not using I like to clip together like when I’m not using them so it’s easy to flip to that day or that week and once I’m finished like I do reuse them I’ll put them on a different page or I put them on a notes page and the back.

Of my planner and I did try and outline the edge of that tag with a marker sometimes it helps like if you have a pattern a paper with a white pattern on top.

Blends in but that didn’t help it just didn’t work so I did wind up using this I guess it’s like a peach paper and I’m gonna use that die-cut on there.

But I needed something else to add to it and I wish I could tell you where like the name of this sticker sheet I got it from Hobby Lobby when they had that like when they had that huge clearance it came in like.

A pack ahead a few sheets had a few sheets of paper and this sticker sheet and it’s kind of like a washi and I was kind of see-through and it’s very thin so I’m just mounting it on paper and then I’ll glue it on there and I like to do that because if it’s a I do have the see-through other.

Washi stickers it’s hard to layer them and I know I wanted to put them put one of them on that like that peach paper so wouldn’t shine or you wouldn’t be able to see the background so I just put those on paper and I’m cutting those cutting those out and I’ve been hoarding I’ve been hoarding that paper for a while so I’m kinda glad that.

I get to use it this week and that little sticker on I think it says live live for today or something something like that and.

I’m just getting my little tank all layered up if you haven’t noticed I love love love making.

These little tags like if I have when I have spare time I’ll just sit there and make a few I also have a video like a few I put paper clips on the edge of mine and just clip them to my planner pages I also have.

A video if you don’t like that paper clip showing I have a video where you can do like a hidden paper clip on the back but I.
Rather just clip it to my page.

Because with a hidden clip it’s hard to get it like exactly in the spot you want it and I do like to move my clip around during the week like if I have something written in that little corner I will move it to the other side I’ll move it to the top of the page or the bottom of the page just depending on what I have written down that week and now that my little clip is down.

I can finish decorating the rest of my page and I feel.

Like sometimes if want to add something extra I have to do that first because if not I would just go overboard even though I do feel like this week is kind of on the minimal side but at least for me it’s kind it’s kind of minimal because I didn’t go as overboard this week but I am adding my little mask I like to put that on Thursday night that is my official self-care sticker on my official self-care night and I always leave.

Like Thursday night blink it doesn’t always happen but I have like Thursday night is either my craft.

Night are watching movie it’s just my me time I don’t always get that time every week but I like to leave it open on my planner and I wanted to use another one of those little die-cuts I think I do you wind up putting one in the corner well not.

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