Nov. 9 Announcements

Oh good morning Grizzlies im sue Pineda and I’m ray Cruz red and these are your morning announcements but first please s

Oh good morning Grizzlies im sue Pineda and I’m ray Cruz red and these are your morning announcements but first please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance put your right hand over your heart ready begin I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible.
With liberty and justice from today’s weather is sunny with a high of 82.

And four this weekend we’re going to see temps in the mid 70s all weekend seniors interested in earning the seal of biliteracy should consider.

Taking the SAT to in Spanish or French December first they.

Are easier to pass than the district test Korea the deadline is November 20th for online and phone registration sophomores and juniors I want to go to Washington DC for free and learn how our government works.

The art to Ella summer program is a free free one-week program that gives you leadership skills while visiting cool historical.

Sites go to the higher ed Center for more details Mary Cruz yesterday the rest of the announcements are really long one is shorten.

Them each announcement 10 seconds or let’s go seniors pick up your shirts if you ordered a shirt pick it up today in the ASB room before 10 it gives them away the teachers as Christmas gifts he won’t give them away noise the tea prep class is Saturday check your email for further notice boys tennis interested in playing tennis see coach Cortez in room one one to six no experience needed first period classes donate to the can drag the class that wins gets front.

Of the line lunch passes lunch passes all football players give your banker payment to coach Watts today don’t be turkey by yearbook at Justin’s yearbook calm Mesa meeting this Tuesday 3 to 5 p.
2 1 1 1 and here are the election results in case you.

Have been living under a rock Gavin Newsom one for governor Miguel Polito won his 12th term for mayor for City Council David peƱalosa Roman arena at Cecilia Iglesias and finally for school board of Valyria MS score and John Palacio that’s it for today enjoy a three-day weekend and stay tuned for some helpful tips.
For our Grizzlies by grizzly and have a great weekend how long have you had.

Your Chromebook I’ve had it for four years do you let any other people borrow your Chromebook yeah why is that so just because I’m a nice person that lets everybody’s the community need.

It and also when I don’t want do my work often the charge for Chromebook I charge it every day sometimes how long have you had your Chromebook about few years do you charge your Chromebook every day yes do you let other people borrow your Chromebook yes why sometimes people.

Don’t have their Chromebooks and so it’s nice to help everyone once in a while here are some tips from our librarian on how to take care of your Chromebook charge the Chromebook every night and bring it to school every day students can borrow chargers.

From teachers or the library when holding your Chromebook never hold it from the top or by the screen holding it from the sides makes them more.
Secure our students were provided with a Chromebook case at the beginning.

Of the year by insurance Grizzlies.

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