Nov. 9 Announcements

Oh good morning Grizzlies im sue Pineda and I’m ray Cruz red and these are your morning announcements but first please s

That will cover for damages or loss more information in the library if your Chromebook got damaged fill out a damage report online go to the Godinez website click the library department and.

Open the damage report form you hey guys what are you doing we’re gonna go over to the.

College late night oh what’s that here we’ll show you let’s go College late nights is a great opportunity for seniors to get hands-on help while applying for FAFSA and colleges well you don’t get the all star treatment over here if you see all this counselors you got teachers in here they’re gonna help.

You with your application great information that’s what you can give these events if you end up submitting it on your own you’re more likely to make a mistake and then you’ll end up pulling your hair out we’re here to help you guys.

All these people are giving their own time just to help.

You guys so take advantage of these opportunities and everybody should be submitting a college application whether it’s community college you C’s Cal States or private schools and everybody applies for financial aid no matter what okay so we will be calling you out if you decide.

Not to come in on your own we just need to find out where you are with so many of these appala cases do you feel more confident with your college process feel pretty confident see news please do it in a month we are gonna be and I guess use your fascinating and underclassmen to like you have to try.

On your pSATS and us ETS because it all matters.

Your it reaches do your work teachers parents and counselors dedicate their Tuesday afternoons to assist students during this overwhelming process if you look inside computer lab get the one-on-one support so if you have.

Questions specific questions about the college.

App we’re financially the counselors Penelope there you go in there colleges have specific questions they’ll ask about like your parents taxes and stuff like that and so the counselors will be able to guide you through that study hard.

Study really hard and strong seniors please attend college late nights take advantage of this opportunity you.

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