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Donar teammates these little weekly announcements for the week of November 13th really the week of November 12th but bec

Donar teammates these little weekly announcements for the week of November 13th really the week of November 12th but because of Veterans Day there is no school and so on Tuesday when our Week starts we have dr.

Ketterer in the morning was switched from the previous Tuesday so dr.

Ketterer will be here in the getaway at 7:30 in the.

Kind of the format to my understanding is that it’ll be more of a case study where he will provide specific cases and and talk about best ways to kind of handle those and then also feel some of our questions because.

Again we have a lot of students here who have experienced trauma and he’ll be there available to give advice.

As well and again it’ll be kind of an offshoot of the district-wide training that we participated in with the middle school in the high school staff on October 8th it’ll be kind of an.

Extension of that where that was more very philosophical and this is more kind of practical like how those things that were expressed in that training can.

Be applied to specific situations so that is on Tuesday also on Tuesday we have the regional advisory board here so this will be the second of four meetings this year for the regional.

Advisory board I put the agenda up on the staff website and so you know the big conversation I’m going to be have on them is about budget and tuition and just kind of keeping them up to.

Date with what’s going on here at the Tech Center and we’ll also have a student presenter serene from Building Trades is gonna speak to them and kind of tell her story about being here at the Tech Center so the regional Advisory Board will be here on Tuesday also the Rotarians.

Will be here on Tuesday with their monthly meeting in the getaway honoring our students for students of the month and we’re always grateful for that and then in the afternoon we will have a faculty meeting that – the agenda is up on the staff website most of that time we’ll be working on continuing vetting be the rubric for the.

Common career technical core standards that are common in all of our programs bill Aaron and I had taken the feedback the initial feedback that the staff few folks had provided and made some adaptations to that rubric and so we’ll take a look at that and continue to refine it as such but again that agenda is up on the staff website.

On Wednesday we’re having out-of-the-box day.

Formerly known as the non-traditional days and so that that day is going to be encouraging the exploration of programs by.

Girls and boys for non-traditional programs.

With the gender that they identify with so we hope to have a lot of students here we’ve renamed the day and.

Given a different model to it because we were increasing the number of days in the previous year we had you know girls are not emotive and girls and building trades and just kept adding days girls in.

Stem and so the feedback from the sending schools was simply this is great but if there’s a girl who wants to explore all those programs she’s going to be missing five six.

Days out of school so what we’re doing is we’re doing out-of-the-box day where the boys can explore Human Services cosmetology and health sciences and then the.

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