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Donar teammates these little weekly announcements for the week of November 13th really the week of November 12th but bec

Girls can explore the rest of our programs and in 30 to 45 minute increments on that day and then they can choose they’re gonna come back and another time in December early December and choose to spend some extended time in three of the programs or two of the programs that they would like so again a different model the model is kind of created to absorb growth and get more kids involved more students involved in this this specific day so this.

Will be our first kind of go at it so that is on Wednesday it’ll be all day it’ll cross over from morning to afternoon sessions on Thursday we have Plainfield Elementary here I don’t think we’ve ever had them here I think we have four at or playfield eighth graders Elementary I think we had them here maybe five years ago but since then we haven’t been.

Able to connect so it’ll be great to have those folks in.

Tour on Thursday and then the parent advisory board is on.

Thursday night at 7 o’clock we meet here in the lobby it’s about ten.

Do give great feedback and the agenda actually is very similar to the agenda for the regional.

Advisory board so I just like to hear what they have to say you know in the discussion.

About why do we have marking periods and should the tech center do away with marking periods why do we you know talk about the budget and the tuition and some of the things going on in the building they have.

A really great perspective on that so that is on Thursday night and.

Then Friday richard has an NTHS meeting and that is on the staff calendar for you to know what time so a little bit of a change this.

Week I sent you out an email I wanted to follow up is that the student accident reports are now online from our staff website so instead of doing the try you know try copy pink yellow white paper.

Handwrite the accident report.

That I can’t read so we we put it up online and and so when a student has an accident and you need to fill out an action report please go online and then it’s all set up so that you get a confirmation.

I get the actual report and then I can take the report and send it to the school nurse and send it to the Supes office and then it’s just easier to store it digitally as well so no more paper accident reports please and lastly for your advisory committees when you have your advisory committee please.

Upload your meeting minutes to the staff website if you need a little help doing that that’s fantastic just see me Ciaran and we can show you but once you do your minutes please.

Upload them to the staff website under your particular program so all Advisory Committee should be complete before Thanksgiving which is right here so next week we have a four-day week.

The week after that we have a two-day week and and then it’s the Thanksgiving recess so.

I’d like to have all those advisory committee meetings taken care of and all their minutes uploaded to the staff website all right just checking.

My list and that looks like it’s everything so I hope you have a great week at school we’ll see you.

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