Blizzcon 2018 Announcements (part 3, Hour 1, Episode 93)

This is checkpoint sports and gaming radio checkpoint radio.
com hey welcome back to checkpoint daily eSports and gamin

This is checkpoint sports and gaming radio checkpoint radio.
com hey welcome back to checkpoint daily eSports and gaming radio want to thank everyone listening on the talk of Las Vegas 101. as well as KJR 950 in Seattle Washington make sure you visit our website over at checkpoint radio comm for full episodes on demand both of.

The weekly national show and the brand-new checkpoint daily podcasts like the checkpoint podcast as well as our overwatch podcast low team damage and an archive of our interviews like david hayter voice actor for snake from the Metal Gear franchise Jonas Jerebko NBA.

Player and owner of the Detroit renegades and Xavier woods WWE Superstar and host of up up downtown this weekend played host to one of the largest gatherings in all of gaming Blizzcon 2018 and while there’s no shortage of eSports events happening at Blizzcon the.

Real reason everyone looks forward to Blizzcon so much is to hear about the future.

Of the games that we love from Blizzard yeah and we had two representatives from check point on the ground of course Robbie and Norris were out at Blizzcon yes getting.

Some interviews talking to some people rubbing some elbows but let’s talk about what they announced in the keynote announcement because that’s the things that everyone cares about well of course off the time for Robbie and I the first big announcement for us.

Is overwatch and what they announced essentially first was a great great McCree cinematic that was really cool it really was like that was a great cinematic yeah it did so much not even to just help flesh out McCree but added so many more characters into the Canon now it opens up so much more like we’ve been playing.
Three years now and as far as like.

The the Canon goes we’re still just kind of seeing what’s happened since Winston sent out yes the tip of the iceberg still.

Bright that cinematic of course was then used to announce the new hero Bob wrong close though close though and that’s ash right who is that’s cool that’s really cool I knew I recognized her boy somewhere but but listen ash it seems like and first of all you’re totally right on the.

Makri cinematic any of the characters in the Makri cinematic could have easily been the new hero and they even said that from the stage they were like it could have been a triplet it could have been the triplets it could.

Have been Bob but clearly it was Ash I said so too and I got my hands on our played the.

Character a little bit yes because they were offering demos of the character out there that’s right um she’s really awesome I think we’re probably wade into the weeds on there a little bit more during our overwatch podcast a little team damage which you can check wherever we.

Least re-release our podcasts so also there were some Starcraft news over here for Jo dropped a new co-op commander mode for zeratul and I.

Don’t know if you guys caught this but it was very subtle but everyone in the audience yawned at the exact same time but here’s the thing about StarCraft Starcraft is these days it is an eSport first in a video game second that is morrow so the action for StarCraft.

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