Blizzcon 2018 Announcements (part 3, Hour 1, Episode 93)

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Was the WCS global finals and that’s what everyone went out there if you’re a Starcraft fan for not to worry about that heroes.

The storm also got a new hero named Orfeo which I believe is the first original character from Heroes the storm that is not just a character taken from one of the other game now during our last segment Norris you actually had said that you’re during a.

Previous segment in the show Norris you had said that you’re looking forward to actually checking out heroes of the storm what was it that sold you on checking it out well two things one is that you know it actually looked.

Who were playing it so that was number one and number two is that what Robbie just brought up was something that I did not know I did not know that the characters were from other Blizzard properties every character before this one which connects me more.

To that game as opposed to just a bunch of random characters that I have no context for I think that’s really cool I had started playing the elder scrolls card game legends for the exact.

Same reason you’re listening to checkpoint.

ESports and gaming radio and I think everyone listening on KNBR 1050 in San Francisco and the big 920 in Milwaukee we’re currently going over the list of announcements and releases that happened out at Blizzcon this past weekend and this moves us into warcraft which there was some pretty significant announcements for warcraft yeah honestly i think that the warcraft 3 is probably.

Big one this is more than just an HD remaster I’m pretty sure they’ve.

Rebuilt the game yeah because there’s like 67 new single-player missions in it as I understand it they’ve built it into the Starcraft 2 engine Wow ok that’s right that’s how they managed it ok yeah because I mean this is a big deal because I mean a Warcraft 3 was what basically spawned the mobile generation wasn’t it.

I mean I never got a chance to play Warcraft II so I’m really good you know I’m really excited be able to get my hands on neither did I my first contact point with Warcraft like many out there was World of Warcraft so I’m very excited to actually get to tinker around patience speaking of World of Warcraft an announcement for the.

Vanilla version which is coming out this summer that anyone with a WoW sub can play the vanilla version of wow yeah so unless you were.

Born in the last 10 years I don’t see why you would well nobody here here’s the thing right that is the best way they could have handled doing the classic server if you’ve determined you’re going to make the classic vanilla server right by saying no no.

It’s just like if you have a while sub you can either play the vanilla version or you can play the modern how.

They actually agree with you on them yeah how the green yeah I totally agree but then there’s the big grand and then there was the big announcement that the one.
That everyone was waiting for the.

One that Blizzard told us to hold on to our butts for because there was something big coming.

For Diablo and that was Diablo immortal yeah right a mobile game based around Diablo here’s here’s the thing that I’m just gonna go out there and say I Diablo fans you have made the entire collective community of Blizzard.

Fans look absolutely ridiculous you have because there’s one thing to be disappointed and to respond to a game negatively but everyone has gone out of their way to tell you Diablo 4 is not coming.

And they are not announcing anything to do with anything with Diablo 4 so get over that don’t get your hopes oh yeah what do they do they get their hopes up mm oh right exactly oh the Diablo mm oh are you ridiculous think that they’re about to they’re about to manage the biggest MMO in the.

World then a vanilla server of the biggest MMO in the world if then release another MMO on top of that.

Yes Blizzard has a lot of money yes they have large staffs they’re not going to do that that said Diablo immortal looks pretty awesome yeah and I actually played it for a few minutes plays well I’m like that’s the thing is and I’m playing through Diablo 3 on my switch right now and every time I play it I go yeah this could be a mobile game this is a mobile game like it’s not like they’re tuning down.

Mechanics to make it simpler blue is as simple as this gonna get and listen I know that people who love Diablo are gonna come at me they’re gonna come at my head but guess what I don’t care because I mean you stand in front of a microphone.

And ask somebody who spent months and months on the game is it a joke.

No do go away you don’t deserve this get your desert a mobile game they just gave you breath flat-out and at the end of the day what we when I kept hearing from everyone out there is once you get over the fact that it isn’t the announcement you wanted it’s actually really funny boy it actually looks pretty great well listen we want to hear from you did you watch.

The Blizzcon keynote what’d you think of the announcements connect with us on social media that’s check PT radio on Facebook Twitter and Instagram coming up next on checkpoint joe’s concocted a new game that he calls the ask away game we’ll figure out how it’s played ahead next on check point.

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