11/9/18 Morning Announcements

Good morning welcome to wake up webcast I’m Erika and I’m Kaylee and I’m Samantha today is Friday November 9th 2018 plea

Good morning welcome to wake up webcast I’m Erika and I’m Kaylee and I’m Samantha today is Friday November 9th 2018 please favor the pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all please be seated dwell for.
Today is a high 59 and a low of 42 with a.

Chance of rain make sure you dress warm it’s going to be chilly outside for lunch today we have stuffed burger beef with turkey hot dogs cheese or pepperoni pizza creamy coleslaw baked beans diced peaches at a sort of fresh fruit the rotor Street is don’t forget to buy your yearbook and eighth-graders don’t forget.
To have your parents get your Wildcat wish at www.
com school code is one zero five six one the lady and wallah casse soccer team play their best game against an officer Holly Ridge the girls may not have gotten the life.

But coach so my coach win are extremely proud of her effort the team was led by Molly Klump Maci.

Billie aru’s Brooklyn swartz and Natalie Holland the girls finished the season with an overall record of four to two – against some very talented teams this is the team twenty second straight season with a winning record congratulations basketball tryouts will start November 13 for boys and.

Girls you must have your physical hey where’s our fun fact for today the fun fact for today is that the average person spends six months of their life time way for a red light to turn green interesting hey good morning Wildcat I’m learning with though what’s up so today what are we doing um we have the eighties.

Strange thing attendance like it’s gonna be totally awesome like I’ve been so excited right I was telling my parents like oh my gosh ma I can’t witness is so cool I know so hey did you hear about the football team no what happened like I was so excited when I.

Heard this is like totally awesome do they win they was it was tubular all right so today we have that dance the 10 dance the 80s dance and what else we got we got Friday Friday it’s a pretty good day long weekend.

So we’ve got a – we got this oh this is a different time period yeah okay so don’t do.

That what else we got out there from the crowd what you got track two tracks oh oh oh my gosh they must be going oh my gosh I’m so excited yeah yeah so try to enjoy but guess what the rest of us have school but we have money oh yeah all right so let’s not forget.
Where we’re at today this is a school house act like it.

Dress like it right like it did you hear.

But before it’s too late is four five six one remember what Elvis is for 18.


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