November 9 Announcements

Please stand for the pledge to the flag for Pb in today’s Thanksgiving trivia question is what was the name of the ship

Please stand for the pledge to the flag for Pb in today’s Thanksgiving trivia question is what was the name of the ship that brought the first pilgrims to America in 1620 drop your answers off at the media center in the trivia answer box welcome to our Book Fair I’m so glad you’re here let me show you around come.

We have cookbooks and we have this really delicious one called Hershey’s decadent delight all about chocolates we have some books that are five dollars and under over here so if you’re looking for a bargain this is the spot to go and then back here.

Up on the wall we have our posters they have numbers on them so whatever poster it is that you like you’re not going to come over here to get it you’re just going to tell us the number and we will pick it out of the box for you and the posters cost five dollars and six cents we put the price on with tax so you would know exactly how much you had to pay for a poster we have some new posters this year they.

Cost a little less I think they’re over here they are Holograms look you see.

The dogs do we need to open his eyes he closed as long as I don’t know if you can see that and then there’s a shark one who’s swimming it open in his mouth pretty scary stuff all right and then you can see we have just books divided by categories African American voices this is books about and written by african-american.

Citizens over here we’ve got some graphic novels but we have more than this then you can see we’ve got lots and lots more books in the.

Cases walking around the media center and nobody can see this one so I’m gonna tell you right now on the new super narwhals up here and jelly Joe there’s.
Another one super not a while and unicorn.

Of the seat and we have the new.

Diary Wimpy Kid book right here keep going around these are so cool these are stories about dogs we’ve got le Bailly molly max look at this one you can see those look really funny good we’ve got some Pokemon book here and Mario Brothers Legos then over here some nonfiction that one that kindergarten first and second grade in third grade saw.

Hello my name is how adorable is got his name is here and the son is kind of a big deal and there’s some more puppy books and kitten books and shark books in here then over here we’ve got some other ones some picture books and here’s where the.

Three little super pigs it is and then the Pug books Pig the Pug are down here and then we’ve got some easy readers Pete the cats like I misty Copeland book the one from American girl is here.

Then we’ve got some holiday books we’ve got some craps over here we have books to have little toys on them we only have one out of each so if you see one of these that.

You like you tell us and we will run in the bathroom and get it for you and then you.

Can go up to the cash register and pay for you can see that there’s some tables with books in the middle of the book fair as well so make.

Sure you stop and explore those and then back here back here behind the cash register you have prices of some of.

These little things that we have and just in case you wondered we do have some super pointers so thank you and we have one last thing we’ve got this giving tree if you want to pay a quarter to pay this game you pick out a lollipop.

And you look on the bottom of it if it’s green you get a treat from the green bucket if it’s red you get a treat from the red bucket all right everyone knows that screen I’m gonna put that one up there and put it away for later I hope to see everybody wishes.
You a great day and remind you to be kind..

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